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Re: cdrecord issues since 2.6 move

Kudret Güler wrote:

On Mon, 30 Aug 2004 17:20:15 +0300, Ruairi Newman
<ruairi.newman@gmail.com> wrote:
There was a recent discussion on lkml about memory leaks and other
issues with the ATAPI driver in 2.6.8.  Revert to 2.6.7 and see if
that helps.  If so, then you can move to 2.6.9 later.

This is exactly what I did, and it works like a charm now as was
always before 2.6.8-1. I didn't try 2.6.8-2 though...

I'm pretty sure that 2.6.8 will be the Sarge Standard. I've been following discussion as I have an interest in the matter.



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