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Re: cdrecord issues since 2.6 move

Brian Pack <afcpack@verizon.net> wrote:

|> I've compiled from each kernel-source-2.6.8-* that has come through in
|> the last week. With 2.6.8-2, the memory leak has apparently been
|> fixed, so I can run as root and burn audio CDs, but as of last night's
|> 2.6.8-5 package, I still cannot burn as a regular user.

As I understand it, this was a policy-decision taken by the kernel
developers when 2.6.8 was released---for security reasons.  It caused
a lot of discussion and aggravation (and another flame-fest with the
author of cdrecord), but there has been no change of heart, as far as I

So my understanding is that, for the present at least, if you want to
be able to burn CDs as a non-root user, you can't venture beyond

If I'm wrong about this, I hope someone will correct me,


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