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Re: Best way to get upgrade list

Jon Dowland wrote:
On Mon, 30 Aug 2004 07:35:12 -0500, Michael Satterwhite
<michael@weblore.com> wrote:

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When doing package upgrades, I like to see what is going to be upgraded before
running it. I know several ways to get the list, but those of you who have
been around a long time probably know better ways. The goal is to get the
list, then decide on a package basis whether to actually do the upgrade.

As long time Debian experts, what do you consider the *BEST* way to handle
this task.

I use aptitude, hit 'u' for upgrade. Packages which can be upgraded
are then sorted under the top-level heading 'Upgradable packages'.

However, you cannot (afaik) read the changelog entries from within
aptitude before deciding on whether or not to update a package. This
is something I would like but I think is probably a long way off.

Sure you can, just hit 'C' when a package is highlighted[not sure if this works with stable/stable security updates, and I know it doesn't work with third party repositories]. Alternatively, install apt-listchanges and it will show you the new changelog entries for every package being upgraded[requires downloading the debs].

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