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Re: 2 Problems Yet to Be Resolved

Scarletdown wrote:

I successfully installed the updated nForce drivers downloaded from nVidia's site, and can now get both sound and network functions. However, whenever I reboot, I have to go through a big modprobe ritual to get them to work. Specifically:

modprobe nvnet
modprobe 3c59x
modprobe i810_audio
modprobe ac97_codec
modprobe soundcore

Then I have to run netcardconfig on both NICs every single time.

Isn't there any way to have these things probed automatically at boot time (preferably without having to compile a new kernel, especially since these all work when I boot up with the Mepis CD, and that is the kernel I am using)?

Just add the module names to "/etc/modules".

Not sure about the "netcardconfig" thing, being unfamiliar with it.


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