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Re: Strange behaviour updating Sarge

I haven't used much dselect not aptitude, but AFAIK apt-get utpgrade
is not the same as apt-get dist-upgrade, also, sometimes packages are
put into hold, and you need to apt-get install them specifically to
get the newest version. You can see all this form apt-get, I don't
know how dselect handles this issues, but I thing they are to be
I hope it helps you a bit

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 11:14:54 -0300, UnKnown <rak@burst.fcien.edu.uy> wrote:
> Hiya all, I move some machines to sarge to see how it does as production
> server, after a while updating apt-get update; apt-get upgrade,
> a use dselect to add some packages, then I notice that some package not
> within those i select to install or its dependencis where to be install or
> even remove. I did some aditional testin and the same happend in others
> machines.
> I allways thought that doing apt-get upgrade was exactly the same as
> apdating with dselect or aptitude, but it seams that those package managers
> take into consideration more things than apt-get does.
> Whats the correct method for keeping update a testing or unstable install,
> dselect/aptitude, apt-get or a mixture of the both.
> Just for the record apt-get upgrade works fine in stable ;) just in case,
> someone get mess up.
> Cheers,
> rak
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