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Re: Transferring install to another HD

At 15:46 26/08/2004, you wrote:
Not on _my_ computers you won't. That's a completely unreliable way of restoring the directory.

Why doesn't someone read the man page for cp? It tells you how not copy /proc.

man cp

Personally, I prefer

tar ... | tar

which seems to work far better for me than cp.

man tar



I've had more than a cursory glance at the man pages for cp (TBH, I didn't even think of using tar) but couldn't find any particular reference to /proc files (maybe cos I'm using woody...?). There were plenty of references to "special files" to be warned about (such as never ever use the --copy-contents switch, etc), which I assume includes most of /proc as well as the more exotic parts of /dev, but there weren't any specific references.

Looking at it now with a few examples from Thomas' page, it does look like tar is the best way to do it (if a little more convoluted), but all I've copied so far are the non-special stuff (just user profiles, apps and so on), but am now sorely worried about my procs and devs. What is it about Thomas' makedev line that I should avoid?

I'm quite tempted to switch to GRUB, as I find it's syntax nicer, although I'm used to just using it on IDE systems (under gentoo). I take it all I need to do is supplant hd* for sd*...?

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