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Re: smbmount w2k3 no write access

> Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get write access to the mount
> bellow as a regulare user.  Its a windows 2003 server with signing off.
> Everything seems to works well as root.
> smbmount //downtown/sysback /mnt/smb/downtown/ -o
> username=username/servername%'!password' gid=100 uid=1000

Just guessing, but either:

	1) change the 'uid=1000' to 'uid=youruid' where 'youruid' is
	   your uid 

or, if you want to grant access to more than one user:

	2) change the 'gid=100' to 'gid=commongid' where 'commongid'
	   is a group id to which you and the other people wanting
           access belong to.


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