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Re: Problems uninstalling

Pablo Cebrian wrote:

Sorry, I've a problem. in My pc, I have two hard disks, one with Linux and other with Windows. In the Linux hard disk I installed some time ago an OpenCaldera distribution of Linux, and recently I've installed in that hard disk Debian too. Debian works correctly, but the Caldera Openlinux is broken. How can I remove this one (OpenCaldera) and keep the Debian distribution without uninstall Debian? I don't want to uninstall Debian because I've downloadad some interesting packages. but I want to remove the Caldera, cause it don't works.

Assuming Caldera is on /dev/hdz2
mke2fs -j /dev/hdz2

What do you plan to do with the space? You _could_ mount it under /var/local and use it for InterestingStuff:
mkdir /var/local/InterestingStuff

echo >>/etc/fstab  /dev/hdz2 /var/local/InterestingStuff ext3 rw,auto 0 2

Sorry for my english

Better than my greek:-)



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