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Mount Netware crazyness


I would like to mount a netware file system on my woody box.
I have the ncpfs package installed.

Here's the catch:
I actually want to pull the drive out of the netware box, and 
slap into my woody box. Then just mount it directly somewhere on
the system.
Something like this:

# mount -t ncpfs /dev/sda1 /mnt

I wonder if the above command requires username and password?
Anyone try this? You think it will work?
Why am I doing this?
Well I have to transfer over about 80 Gigs worth of data and don't
want to re-fire up the novell box, and then use a network copy transfer. 
May take too long. It would be nice if I can just pull the drive out and 
place into my Debian box.


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