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Request for help in tracking down a bug in X or hardware.

I am running Xwindows on Sarge. I have an S3 Savage video card.
I have a strange problem in web browsers that use the Mozilla,
i.e. all but Opera. My problem seems to occur with only one
web site, namely www.theregister.co.uk , and not always even 
with that site. Sometimes when I bring up a page at that site,
I get a region on my screen that is filled with narrow horizontal
black and white lines. In particular, I just opened


amd got such a region on the far left of the screen, top to bottom,
and 55mm wide.  I can clear them from the screen by ctl-alt-F1
followed by alt-F7. 

I have several ideas as to what could cause this:

1. video card hardware is dieing.
2. bad XF86Config-4
3. uniquely weird html at that web site only
4. bug in Savage driver
5. bug in Mozilla

I don't really like any of these theories, but still, the problem
is there. Does anyone have any other ideas? 

AND in particular, does anyone on the list have similar hardware, run
Sarge, and either sees the problem, or doesn't see it? Perhaps, you
would be willing to help off-list by running tests and sharing results?

Paul E Condon           

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