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Re: the Packages files should get to mirrors last -- no swarthy emails

Ursine.ca Postmaster wrote:

Nobody at ursine.ca regularly corresponds with people in Taiwan.  Had
you bothered to follow instructions, you would have found the
explanation and how to get your message delivered anyway.

like "jump through hoops" I guess?

so if it is your claim that nobody at ursine.ca regularly corresponds with $random-foreign-country, please do check that they are not subscribed to the same mailing lists that you read, and if they are, please make your statement above correct by the simple expedient of unsubscribing from those lists .. you could start with debian-users I guess.

Any-rate, the tirade isn't exactly making me want to help you.  Sorry you
can't be bothered to be a decent human being.

Sorry you can't be bothered to learn how to filter spam without setting up per country blocks.

It is not very easy, but it is not rocket science either.


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