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Help straightening out disk partitions.

I installed a new hard disk and freed up area on the disk used for linux. I 
used qtparted to delete a now unneeded vfat32 partition and wanted to enlarge 
a remaiing fat32 partition used for storing audio data and then add in the 
remaining freed up space several ext3 partitions to move stuff off my 
overcrowded primary ext3 partition.

Unfortunately, neither PartionMagic (usually quite cooperative) nor qtparted 
nor any of the console utilities can read these partions! The system boots up 
to the main partition and the audio is readable. But I cannot change the 

The only utilitiy that reads this disk partitioning without complaint is 
webmin! I could presumably try to use that if I could figure out how and 
trusted it enough. The partition I want to enlarge is mounted and attempts to 
umount complain it is busy (I could comment it in /etc/fstab).

Here is the testdisk output which cites the error, described differently by 
each program but this is it:
Disk /dev/hdb - CHS 65536 16 63 - 32256 MB
 1 * Linux                65519   1  1 77599  10 63   12177270
 2 E extended LBA            15  15  1  4143  15 63    4161087
 3 P Linux Swap           77599  11  1 79639  10 63    2056320
check_FAT: Incorrect number of sides
 5 L FAT32                   16   0  1 31986  15 63   32226768 [AUDIO]
Space conflict between the following two partitions
 2 E extended LBA            15  15  1  4143  15 63    4161087
 5 L FAT32 

Thanks--Any help greatly appreciated!

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