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Re: apt-get GDM

On Sat, Aug 21, 2004 at 08:18:47PM +0000, Craig Dunn wrote:
> Is it possible to tell apt-get to download all of the necessary deb files 
> first and then perform the installation only when it has what it needs?

Yes, apt-get has the "--download-only" option for this. From 'man apt-get':

    -d, --download-only
        Download only; package files are only retrieved, not unpacked or
        installed. Configuration Item: APT::Get::Download-Only.

Although I think that the default behaviour is what you need anyway. If
I recall correctly by default apt-get does all the downloading first
anyway so it will stop when your connection cuts out with an error but
you can then just run the command again and it will pick up where it
left off.

Hope that helped. :-)

Nicholas Lativy

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