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Re: USE THREADS, DAMMIT! Re: No list mail

On Tuesday 17 August 2004 19:27, Brian Pack wrote:
> Ok... so it looks like going through the web archive is working, but who
> the hell knows if anybody is going to read it.
> So rather than helping to fix the problem, some have chosen to killfile
> the topic. And now the people who are at least making an effort.

It's his PERSONAL killfile.  How does his blocking of reading certain people's 
messages to his personal inbox have affect any of the questions and answers 
for a particular topic on this list?  Zero.

> Mr. Metzler may not see this. Suits me fine. If anyone else cares to
> tell him, let him know that he is personally responsible for driving
> users away from Debian.

Hmm.  Doubt it. 

> There is nothing wrong with the software, far from it. It is probably
> the best distro I've ever used. But I've run into far too many people in
> here and especially the chat rooms that make it all too clear that
> newbies aren't welcome. That anyone with *any* question isn't welcome.

I've found over the years there are plenty of people on Debian lists that do 
not suffer fools lightly, but not all newbies are fools.  There is a 

> I'm not through with Linux, but I'm sure the hell through with Debian
> proper.

Your choice.  Whatever.

> Goodbye.

Goodbye drama queen.

Nate Duehr, nate@natetech.com

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