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Re: Fonts, What Else

On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 12:01, John Lowell wrote:
> I'm having some trouble understanding the Debian way with fonts.
> I've installed the base packages plus X window system, fluxbox, and
> firefox. Firefox does not show in its menu certain fonts that I would
> think would be available to it simply by virtue of X's installation,
> that is to say helvetica, lucida, any number of others. Running
> fc-cache -fv, I don't see them either. No mention of the standard
> fonts whatsoever. What am I missing here, or rather what might the
> installation be missing?
> jlowell

I'm not sure, but I'd love to see the answer to this one as well. I've
been in the habit of running gnome-control-center as soon as I start
flux to get the font size I want. it's not as bas as when I was running
SuSE, but GNOME fonts outside GNOME were always much larger than from

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