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Re: Rant about installer features (Re: Progeny)

Greg Folkert wrote:
> ...
>>>Just for laughs, how does FC go on that box?
>>Nothing to laugh about - it just works.  Perfectly, straight out of the
>>box.  No mucking about, just create the partitions i want (RAID 1 on
>>everything: /, /boot, and swap) and install.  So does SuSE Personal 9.1.
> Too bad. MD Raid is tough for a bootable setup with automated tools.

This is part of what i don't understand.  As Alvin Oga and i were
discussing a while back (see archives), it is a supported configuration
by the kernel, and Red Hat have supported it since 7.3.  I guess that's
why Progeny decided to port anaconda - it worked out your tough problem.

> I have a workaround to get it to work proper.
> If you want I can help you through that.

Thank you.  That's the first offer i've had (except for John
Summerfield's offer to consult for a fee).  If you'd like a description
of my problem, see
<http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/07/msg02914.html> and
<http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/07/msg00771.html> (although
the hang is fixed under recent snapshots).

I've read several HOWTOs on it, but none of them seem to solve the
problem completely:


I just did a bit more searching and found
http://alioth.debian.org/projects/rootraiddoc/ - maybe i'll try that.

Maybe all of this is pointless if i just wait for the next Progeny beta
release.  According to Ian Murdock it is fairly close, and as long as it
can see my SATA drives, i suspect it will work.

> ...
> I jumped ship from RedHat long before that. RH7.3 is the Last version I
> installed from ANYONE. Customers included.

There seems to be a large anti-Red Hat/SuSE contingent here.  (I have a
gift for stating the obvious. :-)  I know people don't like their
trademark & Enterprise subscription licenses, but until they stopped
supporting Red Hat Linux, they were a genuinely free, useful, and stable
option.  Everything "just worked" for me, including RPM, which everyone
who hasn't take the time to understand seems to think is fundamentally
broken.  (It's not - saying RPM is broken because it doesn't
automatically resolve dependencies is like saying dpkg is broken for the
same reason.  It's a low-level tool for the job of package management -
the smarts are in the upper levels like yum & apt-get, just like they
are on Debian.)

> ...
> I am supporting the existing 7.3- with yum. Using www.fedoralegacy.org
> awesome. But not quite Debian... :)

And not quite updated regularly, either.

> ...
>>Sorry for the venting, but i imagine i'm not alone - there are plenty of
>>Red Hat refugees around, and i was almost sold on Debian before i even
>>installed it.  You can make some significant new converts by just taking
>>our concerns seriously.
> We aren't called Snobbians fer nothing. Another common term I ave seen:
> Dweebians.

I found that out the hard way...

> ...
> Don't let us get you down.

Too late for that.  ;-(
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