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Reboot Problem


I have been reading through the posts regarding the reboot problem and
the i810_tco module.

I have done the following, in the recovery mode: rmmod i810_tco to
remove the module. I checked my /etc/hotplug/backlist and the module
was listed under the watchdog section in that file.

My PC (SB75G2 Shuttle 2.8 P 4) is even rebooting in recovery mode. Is
there something that I am missing.

When booting normally and I get to the base configuration screen it
brings a few messages through the blue screen indicating usb_uhci
interrupt, status 2, Range #1449 and something about usc_core. I do
have a creatitve cordless keyboard and mouse (USB) interface. I asume
it is all to do with the hotplug and i810_tco module?
Kind Regards
Werner Otto

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