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Re: my Testing installation enters an endless reboot loop

Michael Doyle wrote:
> Beginning sometime in the past week, something has changed in Testing so
> that my installations flip out and reboot themselves within ~ 1 minute
> of booting. If I run the current RC 1 installer,the base installation
> enters the reboot loop upon booting for the first time. If I run the
> beta 4 installer, the machine works just peachy until I run tasksel and
> install desktop environment and print server tasks - I run my installs
> over night and can't take the bandwidth to narrow it more than that
> right now - and I won't have the time to narrow it down manually until
> at least Thursday.
> The machines on which I've encountered this issure are Tangent systems
> using a Micro-Star MS-6743 v1.x board, based on an Intel
> Springdale-865G/865PE chipset.
> Has anyone else experienced this issue? I can't report this as a bug
> until I have time to track down the package(s) behind the problem.

This is probably due to new, broken versions of hotplug that load
useless and dangerous modules such as hardware watchdog drivers. Try
adding i810-tco to /etc/hotplug/blacklist, or upgrading to hotplug
0.0.20040329-14. See bugs #264552 and #263556.

see shy jo

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