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Re: my Testing installation enters an endless reboot loop

If you have a problem with d-i then you should be discussing it on boot-floppies where they've already been discussing this problem (without resolution as yet).

Michael Doyle wrote:

Beginning sometime in the past week, something has changed in Testing so
that my installations flip out and reboot themselves within ~ 1 minute
of booting. If I run the current RC 1 installer,the base installation
enters the reboot loop upon booting for the first time. If I run the
beta 4 installer, the machine works just peachy until I run tasksel and
install desktop environment and print server tasks - I run my installs
over night and can't take the bandwidth to narrow it more than that
right now - and I won't have the time to narrow it down manually until
at least Thursday.

The machines on which I've encountered this issure are Tangent systems
using a Micro-Star MS-6743 v1.x board, based on an Intel
Springdale-865G/865PE chipset.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I can't report this as a bug
until I have time to track down the package(s) behind the problem.




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