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Re: Whats with this new Debian installer?

Joey Hess wrote:
Carl Fink wrote:

The only real difference from the older boot-floppies is
autodetection of hardware, which almost works some of the time.

It works for about 95% of our users based on installation reports. I
expect that 90% of our users don't bother to file reports -- I've not
seen any from you.

Anyway, no, hardware autodetection is not the only new feature compared
to the boot floppies.  Off the top of my head a few other user-visible

 - automatic disk partitioning
 - support for XFS, reiserfs, jfs
 - booting from USB keychain
 - wireless networking
 - 2.6 kernel
 - grub as the boot loader
 - automatic detection of other OSes (linux, windows, etc) and
   addition of working boot entires for these in the grub menu
 - LVM support
 - software RAID support
 - support for firewire CD and ethernet
 - supports installing from pcmcia CD drives
 - support for RTL languages; translated to Arabic &etc
 - remote-controlled installation over ssh (experimental except on s390)
 - just 12 keypresses for a basic debian install

Now, this is what I call cool features :) thanks!

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