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Re: strange virus warning

On Sat, 07 Aug 2004 18:34:15 +0200, frank coldewe wrote:

> Hi,
> I run woody since 2 Jears, sometimes I get when booting the system a 
> virus warning. (A red box appers an screen, something like: virus trend 
> award has detected a virus on your system, contact antivirus.com or 
> reboot the system with a empty floppy in floppydrive.)
> Don`t know how to stop this message, course I never had problems with 
> the system and no defects occurs on the system resulted by a virus.
> Has anybody ever seen such a message on woody and know how to disable 
> this ??

As previous answers have pointed out, it comes from bios. The key question
is how you get the warning -- 

Do you dual boot between Windoze and Linux? 
If so, that's the reason. I strongly suggest again turning off virus
warning in order just to avoid such warnings -- because they are actually
real. Boot virus won't cause you any harm while you boot into Linux, but
for brain-dead Windoze, you won't be that lucky.

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