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Re: OpenOffice won't print anymore

Christian Schnobrich wrote:

I'm running sarge. After my last upgrade, Openoffice stopped printing.
I'm not able to properly track the problem down (more on that below),
all I really know boils down to "it used to work and now it doesn't".

My OpenOffice printing just broke after a testing upgrade also.

This seems to be a longstanding issue on a large piece of software.  I also
checked the printer setup utility with no luck.

Mozilla prints fine.  I removed the Xprint piece a long time ago due
to printing issues with mozilla.

So that makes 2/5 of my "production" apps shut down by debian upgrades.

OpenOffice	can't print
Crisp		can't print
Adobe acrobat	prints
xfig		prints
Mozilla		prints

I've been using linux for 8 years and debian for 4 and I have debugged lots
of problems and seem to be getting no where with these printing issues over
a 3 month period.

Does anyone have any idea why printing has been getting so hammered lately
in debian?

Any idea how to fix the current set of problems?


Henry Hollenberg

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