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Re: [Rant] The Endless Search for a Mail Client That Doesn't Suck

hi ya nelson

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Brian Nelson wrote:

> It's 2004.  Email has been around for what, 30+ years?  Is there an
> email client out there that, after 30 years, still doesn't suck?

it sucks because of "different users" like "different

> That's a rhetorical question.  Anyone who blurts out "Mutt!" gets a
> swift kick in the genitals.  And if anyone even tries to utter "gnus", I
> will beat them with a rolled up newspaper until they say, "No gnus is
> *good* gnus" and mean it.

i use old-old pine and elm :-)  and mutt, so i get double kicked ..
> Over the years, my email usage has grown enormously.  I now have 70 IMAP
> folders, am subscribed to around 50 mailing lists, and receive over 2000
> emails per day.

i assume you use different email accounts 

	brian-deb  for debian lists
	brian-movie for movie lists
	brian-security for security updates
	brian-work for work related lists

	brian-save for anything you want (forever) saved
	and personal emails on a personal server and domain

	- lets ignore additional yahoo/hotmail related problems ..

- just more ways to manage your emails ... vs "1 email account"

and at 2,000 emails per day .. consider yourself lucky in th
that you dont get 10,000 spams a day from which to filter out 
your "mailing list emails" and real emails from the 90% spams

- a good email client and spam filters won't necessarily solve the
  problems of a "good email management methodology"  vs depending on 3rd
  party automated tools to do "everything" 

> Furthermore, I ran into problems with offline synchronization.

if you are using imap, there is zero syncrhonization problems,
as your email and folders are only on the imap server

if you have more than one imap server ... that's a separate issue
to rsync emails and folders between imap servers
( work imap server vs home imap server vs mailing list imap server )

imap is good .... everything is always already syncrhonized ...

imap is bad ..... you have to maintain those large email folders
	- simply rotate the ~brian/Mail folders on a monthly basis
	( problem is now trivialized )

> Wrong...  So very wrong...

yup ...  doing things differently or customized adds to the problems
and just recreates the problems people have been trying to fix
for 30+ years ...

not having different email accounts for different purposes is the
first trivial problem to solve ... one acct for one purpose

c ya

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