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Re: Onboard soundcard just disappearing...

* [Wednesday 04 August 2004 20:40] matt zagrabelny:

> > As for your other questions: I didn't move my computer around or
> > something like that, no. The card just, well, stopped working out
> > of the blue.


> try compiling an OSS driver (not ALSA pcm-oss emulation either) for
> the card. i know it is deprecated (in 2.6.7), but working with
> /dev/dsp is pretty low level (in my mind at least).
> you can always do things like "cat /dev/dsp > audio.raw" and "cat
> /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp"

That was to check if the card is still able at all to function properly, 
right? In that case: I booted with a Knoppix CD I found somewhere, and 
I got sound just fine...

Good news, I guess... Still, alsaconf does not detect the thing, 
although I've used it a thousand times before to do so. Something must 
be wrong with my configuration, but in the pile of alsa configuration 
files that are spread around the system, I really can't find my way 

If perhaps nobody else could point me in the right direction, I guess 
I'd better bother alsa-user with it, instead of this list...

Thanks for the help in any case,

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