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Re: Re: apt-get and/or dpkg problem

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-> After i've switched on my computer the first and only
-> thing i've started was apt-get distupgrade (so i dont't think there is
-> another apt/dpkg/dselect/aptitude/etc running [ps -aux atleast doesn't show
-> any). And many packeages before and after the mozilla-package were
-> successvully installed. That's the point which confuses me the most.

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I can second your statement. I get the excact same error when installing the same packages.
I won't post my output, because it's very similar to the one you've already posted.
I've seen it install on my friends box which, like my own, run on a kernel 2.6.6.
the difference is that we use different .config files, and that he installed from kernel.org's source, and I installed from apt-get with Debian patches.
I don't think it has anything to do with the kernel though, but i thought i's mention it anyway.
It seems like the apt-script doesn't release the lock/mutex before it tries to lock/take it again.
As you've already mentioned, other packages install without a glitch.
I'm having this problem on my laptop HP Pavillion ZE4417
It seems unlikely that we're the only ones to come across this problem. We need the assistance of one of you hardcore, superduper, l337, turbocharged linuxgurus.
It would surely be nice to have access to another browser than links and konqueror which executes like shit outside KDE.

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