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Re: ALSA setup problem

  cmetzler> Getting soundcards to work under ALSA is *usually* a
  cmetzler> three-step process: 1.  does the kernel see the soundcard
  cmetzler> OK (what does lspci -vv say about the soundcard)?  2.  do
  cmetzler> you have the right modules installed (what does lsmod
  cmetzler> say)?  3.  have you unmuted everything you need to in
  cmetzler> alsamixer (are Master, PCM, and CD unmuted), and are the
  cmetzler> relevant sliders (Master, PCM, CD and Wave) turned up to
  cmetzler> reasonable values?  You haven't given us enough
  cmetzler> information yet.

[sarge/kernel-2.4.26-1-686.  I am in the "audio" group.]

I'm going to jump in here since I, too, can't get ALSA to work
correctly with my board (SB Live!).  The first two steps above are OK.
[BTW, all works fine under a non-ALSA RH9.]

When I run 'alsaconf', it shows,

  emu10k1 Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 0a)

in the dialog which I select and configure.  My radio/TV card does
*not* show up.

When I run 'alsamixer', it *only* shows my "Brooktree Bt878" card
(radio, TV).  The "Bt878" mixer controls do nothing.  More importantly,
I can't get what I'd call the "general mixer controls" to show up
(e.g., Master, PCM, etc).  'Kmix' seg faults!

I tried "alsamixer -c 1", and it returned:

  alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for hw:1: No such device

Here are some relevant installed modules:

  snd-bt87x               5704   0
  snd-pcm-oss            39464   0  (unused)
  snd-mixer-oss          13848   0  [snd-pcm-oss]
  snd-pcm                61124   0  [snd-bt87x snd-pcm-oss]
  snd-timer              14532   0  [snd-pcm]
  snd-page-alloc          6392   0  [snd-bt87x snd-pcm]
  snd                    33508   0  [snd-bt87x snd-pcm-oss snd-mixer-oss
  snd-pcm snd-timer]
  soundcore               3940   8  [bttv snd emu10k1 sound]

Thanks for any help!

Prof Kenneth H Jacker       khj@cs.appstate.edu
Computer Science Dept       www.cs.appstate.edu/~khj
Appalachian State Univ
Boone, NC  28608  USA        

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