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Re: Tasksel is not what it was.... SOT question

Paul E Condon wrote:

On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 10:36:15PM +0100, Keith O'Connell wrote:

	I am running testing and last week I wiped down a machine and
	started again. I normally use some of the tasksel groups to
	save time in picking files I will want. I now find that since
	the last time I used it it has changed drastically.

	There are less groups and no way to see what is in a group
	anymore. Well, I guess I'll have to live with that, but is it
	recorded any where what was in the now defunct groups. I am
	sure I overlook files and then I know I will need them, and
	the network will be down etc, etc.

	Where can I find out what files comprised;

		unix server
		c and c++

Slightly off topic question: Why does tasksel still exist? Wouldn't
be just as effective, and less effort to create virtual packages for
each of the collections of software that tasksel installs?

Be gentle in telling me why not. Its just a question.

Perhaps your idea can be regarded as an implementation detail of what tasksel does (or should do).

Virtual packages are no use unless the naive user can find and choose amongst them.



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