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Tasksel is not what it was....


	I am running testing and last week I wiped down a machine and
	started again. I normally use some of the tasksel groups to
	save time in picking files I will want. I now find that since
	the last time I used it it has changed drastically.

	There are less groups and no way to see what is in a group
	anymore. Well, I guess I'll have to live with that, but is it
	recorded any where what was in the now defunct groups. I am
	sure I overlook files and then I know I will need them, and
	the network will be down etc, etc.

	Where can I find out what files comprised;

		unix server
		c and c++

	Then I'll just list them and install them individually from
	now on

  Keith O'Connell.
  Maidstone, Kent. (UK)

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