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Re: data replication how to

Ioannou Ioannis wrote:

On Thursday 29 July 2004 19:09, Yohann Desquerre wrote:
i think i would plug the 2 storage product and the debian  into the
switch and then use unison to replicate the data (or do a snapshot)...

unison is good for bidirectional replication (i.e. changes are happening in both storage devices).
The other alternative (for unidirectional replication only) is rsync.
The speed depends on the size (and the H/W). Sometime rsync is faster, but I think in your case unison may be better, it is amazing how fast it can check huge directories for changes.

But mind also that unison has a problem with huge directories and zillions of
files the first time (until the initial database is created). You have to do the replication part by part at least once, and the everything is ok. What I had to do in a similar situation was to use something like :


# path=secondDir
# path=thirdDir
# path=fourthDir

etc, and sync segment by segment (each somethingDir small enough so that unison had no memory problems). As soon the database is created and unison went through of all the files at least once, you could trust it to do the job fast (depending of the H/W setup, maybe faster than your time contrains)

thanks for that i will try it !

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