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data replication how to

hi all,

I 'd to promote the free software at my job, i 'am trying to make my bosses trust in a free sofware solution to replicate 7TB from an hitachi storage product to a STK one.

Here is the things i had to do that :

1 x86 server (debian for sure !)
1 fc switch brocade 3800
2 fc pci board (qlogic 2340)
and so
1 hds9960 (Hitachi storage product)
1 STK B220 (STK storage product)

i think i would plug the 2 storage product and the debian into the switch and then use unison to replicate the data (or do a snapshot)...

i am open to all the proposition you could do

ps ( it must be finished in less thant 12 hours)

thanks for help

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