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Re: newbie Usenet config question

On 2004-07-29, Paul Johnson penned:
> --=-=-=
> "Monique Y. Mudama" <spam@bounceswoosh.org> writes:
>> On 2004-07-29, Dave Hathaway penned:
>>> I am trying to configure suck and cnews to provide a local copy of
>>> news, so that I can pull it at night or during the times when
>>> roadrunner is not jam packed.
>> I can't answer your actual configuration questions, but have you
>> looked at leafnode?  It seems to provide the functionality you want.
>> Just set up a fetchnews cronjob for whenever you'd rather pull it.
> Leafnode is sort of a poor choice in the long term.  In pretty much
> all error conditions, it silently drops articles.  It doesn't know
> what a moderated newsgroup is.  It doesn't support NNTPAUTH.  I could
> go on, but leafnode's enough of a headache thinking about it.

I can't speak to any of those concerns.  I've been using it for the last
um, something like a year or so just so that slrn will display all of
the newsgroups I care about in one session, and it's worked okay for me
as a very simple way to provide a local copy of news.  Which is what the
OP asked about.


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