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Re: Howto make root commands available to any user

Alvin Oga wrote:

hi ya

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, csj wrote:

- 3-finger salute should always work from any console for anybody

- anybody that hits the power or reset switch should be shot on the spot
But as another poster said the buttons could be remapped to
initiate a graceful shutdown.

3-finger salute is already a graceful shutdown ( init 6 )
Mostly it's a reboot _iff_ you're not running X on the active console.

power and reset switches can only be connected or not
	- hitting the reset can do nothing or will take the machine
into its reset code in the bios ...


	- hitting the power switch ... will power off the box immediately
	or delay 5 seconds before power off .. more bios code ..

Conditionally wrong. Machines I install now do a graceful shutdown.

	- you can't "remap" the bios code to something else ...
	and if you did, its not "user friendly" since its not standard
	for everybody on every pc
	( all machines should behave the same way to prevent confusion )

If you run a box with just two cables - power and network - then the power button is a sensible tool for shutting it down.



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