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Re: Ever solve eject problem?

Steven Jones wrote:
try fuser, it should show if someone or something is in the directory in question.

so man fuser


[root@vinson etc]# fuser /mnt/ (gives no return)
[root@vinson etc]# cd /mnt/
[root@vinson mnt]# fuser /mnt/
/mnt/:               16337c
[root@vinson mnt]# ps aux |grep 16337
root     16337  0.0  0.0  4268 1372 pts/0    S    08:19   0:00 -bash
root     16408  0.0  0.0  3676  676 pts/0    S    08:25   0:00 grep 16337

So this shows "me" as root in a bash shell in /mnt so /mnt cannot be ejected/unmounted while "I" am in there. This should work for where ever the cd is mounted.



That was it! Some gpdf processes hanging around in there, despite having closed the window with the documents.



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