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Re: Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox problems on Sid

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 11:29:49AM -0500, James Miller wrote:
> Is anyone else having problems with Mozilla and/or Mozilla Firefox under
> unstable?  For the last tow weeks, despite numerous dist-upgrades, I've
> been unable to get either to run without frequent crashing.  At first,
> Mozilla wouldn't start at all but just segfault.  I finally fixed that by
> renaming the ~/.mozilla driectory.  Now, Mozilla will start - as will
> Mozilla Firefox - but each crashes (simply vanishes from the screen) under
> very simple browsing conditions.  For example, to make Mozilla crash, all
> I have to do is try to navigate to Google: poof, the browser vanishes
> after I accept (or reject) the cookie.  To crash Firefox, all I have to do
> is try to view the "about" page.  These are just two examples of things
> that reproduceably crash the browser: I'm sure with more experimentation,
> I could cite others.  Bottom line though is that something's really wrong
> here.  The browsers are essentially unuseable.  This sort of typical
> browsing should not cause either browser to crash like this.  Anyone else
> having these problems?  I need my graphical browser back!
> James
> PS Last apt-get update dist-upgrade was this morning.  I use Fluxbox WM -
> no KDE or Gnome here.

I also get it on some sites (not google though). Had a form on one site
that crashed the browser as soon as I pressed a key.

Its also got some insane memory usage, got to 100MB-200MB for firefox.

This is with 0.9, I think from experimental, but not sure.

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