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Re: qemu don't start

Johann Spies wrote:

> I am trying to get qemu to work.  The documentation is not of much
> help.
> I have made a flat file "c.img" using boch's  bximage.
> Then I tried:
> zsh % qemu -hda c.img
> Serial port redirected to /dev/pts/338
> QEMU 0.5.5 monitor - type 'help' for more information
> (qemu) BIOS panic at rombios.c, line 1558
> This is on Sid.
> Did anybody on this list use qemu with success?
> Regards
> Johann

At the moment I'm using Qemu 0.6.0, but I was successful in using 0.5.4
also, so your version should work. The following steps are those I took to
get Win98 installed:

1) create a raw disk image:
dd of=myimage.img bs=1024 seek=2048000 count=0
# myimage.img is name of image
# seek = size of image

2) start Qemu with a Win98 boot disk:
qemu -m 64 \
     -fda /path/to/floppy.img \
     -hda /path/to/myimage.img \
     -cdrom win98se.iso \
     -boot a

Remark: -m 64 is to enable the use of 64MB RAM, in Qemu 0.6.0 128MB is the
default (so I don't use it anymore).

Needless to say you need an iso of your Win98 cd and an iso/img of your

3) use fdisk (and restart) and format as you would normally use it to
install Win98 on a blank computer.

4) restart, but this time use "-boot c" (or nothing, I believe Qemu defaults
to starting from harddisk).

Bram Bogaert

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