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RE: starting second md device at boot time - Work around fix

In case other have this problem too; I haven't managed to find out why mdadm won't start my second array at boot time, but have instead put the assemble command in an init.d script and linked this to the rcS.d folder. It's not a perfect solution, but at least the array is now started when the system comes up and thwe file-system gets mounted before Samba starts.

thanks to Justin for all his assistance

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From:	Richard Marshall
Sent:	Thu 7/29/2004 9:21 AM
To:	Justin Guerin
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Subject:	RE: starting second md device at boot time

> >Since you've got your raid going (after the manual start), you can
> > create your config file automatically.  Just issue the command "mdadm
> > --detail --scan" and redirect the output to /etc/mdadm.conf.  You'll
> > then have to manually add the device line, and even though you can, I
> > wouldn't use wildcards, I'd spell out each device involved in the raid.
> >  In your case, I'm guessing the file could end up looking like this (at
> > least for md1):

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