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Re: woody install with WiFi

Wilfrid Blot wrote:


I want to install the Debian on my PC. It's not a notebook, but it has a
wireless connection. I'd like to keep this topology for the install. I'd
like to know if it's possible to install the Debian with only a WiFi
connection. Because, I suppose that I will have to download some packages to
install the WiFi support. How could all this stuff work out?

Probably you should (also) ask this on debian-boot.

The answer depends in part on which wireless card you have; few if any 11g cards are supported by Woody. ALso, I'd be surprised of any standard Woody boot images supports Wireless.

OTOH compact disks work well.

Your chances with the new (beta) debian-installer are better, but you need to ask the developers and they hang out on debian-boot.



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