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Re: Warning: Possible Bug in BIOS DELL Latitude D400_A06 !

Uwe Dippel wrote:

Serious Warning - Possible Bug in BIOS update !

A06 will not support any UNIX-/ LINUX-GUI (at least on this machine).
I tried Debian-Linux ('testing'); and tried OpenBSD 3.5 (multi-boot).

Both will inevitably fail with a light yellow screen and an unresponsive keyboard
(no Ctrl-Alt-Del; neither Ctrl-Alt-Backslash). Only hard reset will help.

This also applies to the (possible) XFree86 configuration method:

# cd
# XFree86 -configure [goes through]
# XFree86 -xf86config /root/XF86config.new [freezes as above]

XP, however, starts well !

Confirmation: I could - puuhh - flash it back to A03 and it is back at work without any problems.
The A03 misreports the amount of video RAM on the Dell GX270. This is a problem for Debian and for Windows 2003 Server, limiting their video capabilities; this is not a problem for WindowsXP; presumably the XP driver works around the bug.

After several attempts to convince Dell the problem was with their hardware (firmware), and not with me running unsupported OSes, they sent me a beta version of a BIOS which fixed my problem.

Now I read this posting of yours, and I have to wonder if Dell's BIOS team is focused on getting something out the door that works with WindowsXP instead of being focused on producing quality code. I'm beginning to lean toward the idea that maybe the OpenBIOS project, et al, really is a good idea.


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