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RE: Couple Questions Before I install for first time.

I run a very similar machine, a BX chipset with dual p3-500's, that adaptec aicXXX chipset, it just works, since 2.0.34 when the kernel first supported it. ditto e100 Ive been using the onboard set, should be fine.
My motherboard in question is a Tyan DULAN 1836L, stating your board might be of help.
You may have to pick a smp debian kernel package, but its so long since I built the box I dont recall exactly.....
Once the box is up run modconf from the command line to load any modules you need, but the NIC and adaptec card should be there during the install.
I actually use a pci perc2 Dell hardware raid card in it now....
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This weekend I am getting ready to switch my server over to Debian Woody from Red Hat 9.0. And have a few questions before I go and do this about SMP Kernels.

I have a Intell LX440GX+ Motherboard with Dual PIII 500's running software raid currently, I have found some great articles on getting the Software Raid portion to work with debian so I think I am ok on that. My real concern is getting the SMP Kernel working with it, and I have yet to really find any good examples or docs on this. I am not new to linux but new to debian, I am used to Red Hat were I have a GUI install and select SMP kernel and that is it. Now is there an easy way to get a SMP kernel for debian or should I just plan on creating my own from source?

The motherboard has a built in Adaptec aic7896/97 Ultra2 SCSI adapter, is this supported by default without any trouble?

Also I have an intel Nic card 82559 that uses the e100 module/driver and have read that this can be trouble some to get to working any info that some one can provide to me on that as well.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer

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