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Re: Mysterious entries in daemon log, mail.log; should I worry?

On 07/28/04 18:10, s. keeling wrote:

Try /etc/inetd.conf


On 07/28/04 16:50, Monique Y. Mudama wrote:

> This should be /etc/inetd.conf

Since I removed the services, apt-get remove uw-imapd qpopper, I wasn't surprised to see /etc/inetd.conf had no entries for them:

~$ grep imap /etc/inetd.conf
~$ grep qpopper /etc/inetd.conf

With the services removed, I'm not worried about a repeat, obviously. I just want to know what, in fact, happened. Perhaps I removed too much evidence by removing the services? (I didn't use --purge.)



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