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Re: Mysterious entries in daemon log, mail.log; should I worry?

Incoming from Ralph Katz:
> On 07/27/04 21:30, Uli Paul wrote:
> >
> >what does your /etc/inet.conf file look like? Are the entries for imapd 
> >and the others commented out (# sign at the beginning of the line)? Did 
> >you run any mail client at that time?
> >
> >PS Please CC to me, as I do NOT regulary read the list.
> cat: /etc/inet.conf: No such file or directory

Try /etc/inetd.conf

> The only mail client that runs is mozilla-thunderbird, which runs every 
> 10 mins to fetch mail.  Of course exim runs its default cron job every 
> 15 mins configured for local mail.
> On a probably unrelated note, I've logged 40 failed login attempts via 
> ssh as root, guest, user and admin in the past few days, but none during 
> the time period in question.  (Of course remote root logins are disabled.)

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