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Dial on demand not working when ipmasq installed

Hello all,

I am trying to set up dial on demand for dsl on a box that is meant to run as router for a masqueraded home-network. I am using debian/sid wich is up to date.

I set up the dsl connection with pppoeconf, which worked fine. In /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider I uncommented "demand" and "idle 300" and commented out the "usepeerdns"-part as I entered my ISP's dns servers manually in /etc/reslov.conf

When I now start up ppp by "/etc/init.d/ppp start" the interface ppp is brought up and - as expected - the dsl-connection is not established yet. When I try a ping to my ISP "ping www.t-online.de" the connection is established, the pings comes through and answers. Now problem.

Now I installed ipmasq to make the connection available to the computers in the LAN. After restarting ppp and trying the same ping command I got "unknown host: www.t-online.de" as error message. Allthough both dns-servers of my ISP are still present in /etc/resolv.conf

I did a dpkg-reconfigure ipmasq and set it up to be started _after_ all network services have been started. Before it was set up to start after network interfaces were up.

Again I did a restart on ppp and ipmasq and tried the ping command. Directly after restarting both ppp and ipmasq the ping causes the dsl-connection to be established and masquerading seems to work. But: I wanted to see if dial on demand still works after the idle time expired and the connection was hung up, so I again tried "/etc/init.d/ppp restart" and then the ping command again. Result: NO CONNECTION is being established, instead I get the error message: "ping: operation not permitted."

I googled around and found that this seems to be caused by a missconfigured firewall. But I have not changed anything in the ipmasq settings. The only hint I got on IRC was to set up masquerading manually with iptables and get rid of the ipmasq-package. But that does not seem to be the ultimate solution ;-(

Can anyone help me please? I need to get this working with dial on demand. What is the problem with ipmasq that dial on demand does not work reliably any more?

Help would be appreciated.


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