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Re: bochs die on startup

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 04:39:16PM +0200, Johann Spies wrote:
> I am also trying out bochs.  After creating a bximage (flat file) and
> copying the line indicated by bximage to /etc/bochs-init/bochsrc the
> following happened when I tried bochs:
> Please choose one: [2] 5
> 00000000000i[     ] lt_dlhandle is (nil)
> 00000000000p[     ] >>PANIC<< dlopen failed for module 'x': file not
> 		    >>found

Install the package bochs-x or change your bochsrc until it stops
attempting to use x as the display_library.  bochs does not like certain
combinations of config_interface and display_library and will try to use
the display_library 'x' if it doesn't like the combination.

Also, you should tell bochs where to look for its config file, even
though you are using /etc/bochs-init/bochsrc as bochs appears to not
find it, but bochs does find ~/.bochsrc.


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