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Samba and OSx

Hi all,

I have a debian 3.0 box running samba, it has been running for 2 odd years and is fully patched. Win2k, NT4, Win98 clients can talk to it and read and write to the common "share" directory without issue. 

I have just added an iMac running OSx (which is fully patched etc) It finds the workgroup "Thing" fine and the server apollo, the user connects OK but can only read the share, write is not possible. The same user can log in and read and write fine from a win2k client, so I am stumped a wee bit as my books only cover MS clients...

It seems to write zero length files on occasion at least if not each time.

So far Im thinking of some possibilities,

The user name on the OSx box is "Phoebe Gray" and not phoebe, but log into the share as phoebe works fine (but read only), so user name might need mangling?

Something missing on the OSx box like a samba authentication key of some sort?

any suggestions please?

Otherwise the same share is nfs exported, so I might consider figuring out how to get OSx to do a NFS mount, as that is how the linux clients work, but I want to have a win2k test server as well so Id rather solve the smbclient issue.



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