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Re: how to write a script that recursively check files in a directory with md5sum

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, j smith wrote:

md5sum checks one file a time. i want a script that
recursively check files in a directory.Thanks!

PS: the script's application: in DOS 6, there is
antivirus program called "msav" that check if
executables are changed or infected. such program is
no longer available is Windows, so i want a script
that does this job.

I believe that cfengine [1] runs on Windows, and it does this quite well. It also does a lot more, but at the least it should easily be able to recursively check directories and email you when they change.

I haven't personally used it on Windows, and it may take a bit more work than it would on a *nix, but it'll be worth. Be the right kind of lazy: don't reinvent unless absolutely necessary.

[1] http://www.cfengine.org

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