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Re: Console font change on startup - breaks laptop

Chris wrote:
I've noticed that during (sid) startup the font appears to be changed
- both on my desktop box and on the laptop. On the desktop box this is
OK - I get to see more of the boot messages scrolling past before GDM

But - on the laptop - at the point this switches in - all screens
suddenly turn off (Fujitsu Siemens). I get the same with or without an
external monitor - Fn-10 doesn't do any screen switching, or
anything. I have to hard reset. After a couple of resets it all
suddenly seems to work.

Have a look in /etc/console-tools/config. If there is a line like the following:

# Set the following - more euro-friendly default than kernel font.

comment out the SCREEN_FONT line.

Just an idea, as I remember this switching my font from the vga=9 which I had specified in my lilo.conf. Not sure if this'll be your prob as it seems to be commented out by default these days.



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