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Re: No CTRL-F1..F6 anymore

> Using the PS/2 kb, switch to F2 or so. Now test the keys (on the PS/2
> and the USB_ to see if the Ctrl and Alt keys are mapped properly. If so,
> you now the problem is limited to X, in which case I'd run 
> "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-commom" and "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86"
> to double-check my settings. I might also suspect an issue with locales.

It is a problem with locales, after installing it new CTRL-F1..F6 is now
working in the console. It's only now Windowskey-F1..F6. I don't
remember if it was CTRL-F.. or ALT-F.. but it definitely wasn't
Windowskey-F.. before. One wonders why console switching depends on the
locales. Even for USB-keyboards it should always work regardless of any

Unfortunately it doesn't work under X, I haven't found the right key
combination so far or how to correct it there.

O. Wyss

How to enhance your code, see "http://freshmeat.net/projects/wxguide/";

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