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Re: udev question

On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 10:51:10AM +0200, John L Fjellstad wrote:
| Sam Halliday <fommil@yahoo.ie> writes:
| > however that only solves half the problem... how can i make this
| > /dev/usbmouse link (or whatever i call it) point to /dev/input/mouse1
| > (the touchpad) when the usb mouse is not plugged in?
| You don't.   In X, what you do is make one your primary mouse device,
| and the other just sends mouse events to the primary mouse device.  So,
| at my place, the touchpad is the primary mouse device, and the usbmouse,
| when plugged in, sends mouse events through the primary mouse device.

Alternatively use /dev/input/mice and your application will receive
input from all attached mice.  Simple.  :-)  (with kernel 2.6 that
includes USB -and- PS/2 mice)

| I'm not sure how to do it on the console with gpm, since I don't use
| mouse on the console.

Use the -M option to enable multiple mode and then specify the rest of
the parameters as usual.  (if you are using the /etc/gpm.conf file,
then use the variable for extra paramters and put all of the gpm
parameters in gpm's command line form there)


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