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migration of Maildir to new system. Also advice wanted on performance


Currently I am hosting my mail on an old box at home. It has quite a
new disk though, an 80 GB WD. However, my Maildir is BIG (288 MB now)
and it is DOGSLOW. Next week I will get my own Debian Stable dedicated
server at my ISP (YEAAAAH! ;)).

I would love to get some good suggestions on how to proceed. Currently
I am running Postfix, procmail, Courier-IMAP, Courier-POP,
POP-before-SMTP, amavisd-new, clamav and spamasssassin.

I would like to have a more flexible setup. I basicly need:

- easy config for users with own domains (web based?)
- FASTER Maildirs (Courier is SLOW)
- Virtual domains support
- IMAP-SSL support (don't want it unencrypted anymore of course)
- Should run on Woody (Stable)

Nice to haves:
- Storing all authentication and other admin stuff in some database or LDAP?

I did Google around for some time now, but I get loads and loads of
info and everybody says that mailserver X or Y (which they are of
course using) is the best. I would love to get some good advice.

Thanx in advance for all your suggestions! Hopefully I am not asking
too much :).


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