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Re: home videos to DVD

Bill Kalebaugh wrote:

   | DV-to-DVD-HOWTO |
<the EXCELLENT howto skipped>
Bill K

Thank you so much! This is one of those rare posting of a reply that is so helpful and insightful. This is really a huge glimmer of hope in this home movie making project I have undertaken in Debian.

The lack of Cinelerra deb package for Testing was a big blow but I am ssh'ing to an Unstable machine and editing there.

BTW, I could control the Sony TRV25 MiniDV camcorder from Kino (in Testing) pretty nicely and was able to capture the video (in Quicktime format because I guess Cinelerra understand only this one). Haven't tried dvgrab but since Kino worked I didn't see any need for dvgrab, at least for now.


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